Voice / Data

View of cable infrastructureAt ASG, we understand the vital role that communication networks play in information management.

We know that for today's businesses, schools, and government offices, the distribution of information is a necessity, whether transmitted by voice, computer, video, or any other electronic media.

Our foremost commitment is to provide a reliable and flexible data and telecommunications cabling infrastructure that will deliver your data over a variety of transmission technologies.

Structured Cabling Design & Installation Services

We know that sophisticated telecommunication systems, automation, and advanced electrical power distribution systems are unique features that, if incorporated into a fail-safe design, will promote a continuous operating environment. Our voice, data, and video cabling services can provide you with this result.

From network design, cabling, and integration services by RCDD-qualified engineers, to installation by BICSI-certified installers, we have the service expertise and experience to successfully implement structured cabling, voice and data telecommunication system design, and installation for any size business and facility.

We provide our clients with "one-stop shopping," including voice/data network infrastructure planning, engineering, purchasing, and installation. And our services extend to include on-site daily service support to ensure your telecommunications systems run smoothly.

You can count on us to help your company, venue, or school grow into the next generation of technology. New products are making their way into the marketplace seemingly every day, and ASG invests a great deal of time and effort into training our people to be fully knowledgeable in these new offerings as soon as they become available.