Man using a professional video cameraVideo is the preferred communications vehicle in today's churches, schools, conference centers, and other presentation venues.

In-house studio facilities are becoming more common in business and ASG can integrate your video projection and audio systems to help increase your brand awareness and the overall impact of your message.

Whether you want electric or manual, fixed or semi-portable video screens, we can install them and give you effective control in any boardroom or auditorium.

In addition, we can work with you to install video monitors throughout your business, school, museum, church, or retail establishment, so you can attract attention and deliver important live or pre-programmed information.

Interactive projectors can be an engaging part of every classroom. Involve the entire classroom in lessons with the pen- or finger-touch enabled interactive projector designed to share lessons from computers, or iOS and Android devices, or no device at all. ASG can help you implement this new technology and begin using it immediately.

We also provide and install document cameras, classroom projectors, and modular units supporting projectors. These budget-friendly classroom projectors provide quick and simple set up tools while advanced networking classroom projectors include features such as premium audio and wireless moderator display controls.

3D education can really bring the information out of textbooks and into the real world for students. ASG understands how 3D capabilities add a new dimension to learning and interaction in the classroom, so our video technicians stay on the leading edge of this growing technology to bring you the best it has to offer.