Hand adjusting an audio systemFrom performing arts centers and auditoriums to churches and stadiums, we provide professional audio systems that offer outstanding audio fidelity in virtually any venue, including gymnasiums and cathedrals with tough reverberant fields.

Our expertise covers 3D room modeling design, the latest in digital mixing consoles, wireless systems, steerable line-array speaker technology and a full range of other leading-edge audio equipment.

The result is professional-quality sound wherever you need it.

Public Address (P.A.) Systems

Our leading-edge, integrated music/speech systems can significantly expand your current public address system’s communication potential. These new systems offer a powerful new dimension in sound while bringing your organization and its audio systems into today’s new high-tech messaging environment.

Intercom and Paging

Whether you need a simple call switch or a complex paging system, ASG’s intercom and paging offerings can meet your needs. Whatever the challenge, we have the knowledgeable system-design capability and high-level expertise required to satisfy your most demanding challenges and your most rigid specifications.