Fort Wayne, IN

University of St. Francis

To improve sound quality in a university facility, we installed an eight-speaker sound system including two 12-foot vertical speakers.

Exterior view of University of Saint Francis Performing Arts Center

Value Delivered

Advanced Systems Group (ASG) helped improve the sound delivery and quality in the University of Saint Francis’ performing arts center by installing a comprehensive sound system.

Despite the complexity of the sound system, the location of the speakers, and a very tight installation time frame, we delivered the project on time and within budget.

Client Objectives

The client needed a state-of-the-art sound system installed in their historical Robert Goldstine Performing Arts Center used for theatrical, musical, commencement, and speaking events.


The project involved challenges including a 52-foot ceiling height, an orchestra pit that would not support traditional scaffolding, and a speaker mounting height of over 40 feet—that ASG overcame with an innovative solution.

After consulting with a large equipment vendor, ASG implemented the cost-effective idea of using a specialty lift used for window washing. This provided the stability and flexibility required to complete the work safely and efficiently.

We pulled wire and installed a new eight-speaker sound system. We also installed subwoofers and mains above the theater’s proscenium, and two 12-foot vertical speakers on either side of stage in the auditorium.

Client Background

Founded in Lafayette, Indiana in 1890, and relocated to Fort Wayne in 1944, the University of Saint Francis is a private, Catholic university serving more than 2,000 students.