Theo Braaten

General Foreman/Supervsor Safety Coordinator

Value Delivered

Theo’s responsibilities include assisting sales engineers with manpower estimates, providing the manpower for all of the company’s jobs, and managing each of the AVL projects. As Safety Coordinator, Theo is also responsible for administering safety training to all of the newly hired employees, and performing monthly safety audits.


Theo has worked in the pro audio field for over 30 years, installing and maintaining large, complex audio/video systems. Early in his career, he was the sole installer for a major video company where he installed and maintained a variety of video systems. Theo spent approximately 15 years in the video arena, and now uses his expertise to assist with installing systems in large churches and auditoriums.

Theo is proficient in media retrieval, pro audio systems, 70-volt systems, 25-volt systems, video projection systems, lighting systems, TV studios, CCTV, telephone systems, data systems, and rigging.

Theo attended the Air Force Technical School and holds his Wire Scope and OTDR Certifications. He is also Wan/Lan-Certified and Technical Grounding-Certified. He has completed courses at SynAudCon and CTI School, and he has attended the Panasonic, NEC, and Sony video tech schools.

The Personal Side

When he’s not working, Theo likes being outdoors and hunting and fishing. He enjoys teaching, mentoring, and getting his family outdoors with him.